Petition Introduction

In getting on an NY ballot, your petition is one of the most important early hurdles.  Even legitimate signers may be questioned, so make sure all the rules have been followed. 

E.g. but limited to…

  1. Petition collectors must be a registered party member and a resident with an updated address.
  2. The petitioner must only sign 1 petition for a position
  3. Petitioner’s voter registration information, e.g. address must be correct
  4. The petitioner must be registered to the party…
  5. Etc

It is quite possible that your petitions will be challenges by your opponent in court or arbitration.  This may sound scarier than it is.  In fact, the threat of arbitration may be used to intimidate new candidates.  It’s ok, just remember

  1. Follow petition rules exactly.  Do not give your opponent a chance to disqualify your hard work.
  2. An entire petition sheet can be invalidated if the petition carrier or witness is invalid.  So it’s especially important to qualify your staff.
  3. There are organizations and individuals who can help you through the arbitration process.  Some are non-profits or otherwise affordable.
  4. You can also hire a reputable firm to help with the petitioning process.  
  5. Petition early to get the first signatures, and also to make sure that you have time to correct any issues before the petition window closes.

If you are have questions or issues.  Or if you’ve been through this process and would like to add to our knowledge-base please contact us.