Public Advocate Special Election Field Narrows Slightly, with Ballot Challenge Decisions Looming

BOE rules for ballot access are notoriously complex and candidates are often kicked off based on technicalities, inviting legal challenges that sometimes end up in court. There are 20 candidates remaining in the race after community activist Ifeoma Ike, perennial candidate Walter Iwachiw, and Helal Sheikh, a former City Council candidate, were deemed ineligible to […]

Flubbed Subpoena Keeps Fernando Cabrera on the Ballot

A Bronx judge ruled today that Councilman Fernando Cabrera could stay on the ballot in his primary challenge against State Senator Gustavo Rivera, tossing the case because Mr. Rivera’s team failed to properly serve a subpoena to a petition carrier for Mr. Cabrera who allegedly collected fraudulent signatures. Mr. Rivera’s attorneys maintained that Mr. Cabrera’s nominating […]

The Quirks of NY Election Law: Presumption of Validity and Petition Strategies – Two Landmark Cases in a Single County.

There is then a three-day window in which any interested individual (anyone affected directly by the race) may file general objections to a candidate‟s petition. This would be with regard to such items as correctness of the petition‟s coversheet and header information and whether or not a candidate who was not a member of the relevant political party […]

Understanding the Labyrinth: New York’s Ballot Access Laws

The law is very specific about how many signatures candidates must collect. They have to get 5 percent of the enrolled voters of the political party in the political unit covered by the office — council district, borough or the entire city — or the specific numbers enumerated in the state’s Election Law, whichever is less. […]

Close Ties Among Bronx Electeds, Campaign Consultants, Lobbyists and Donors

Good government groups argue that the problem is much larger than Gjonaj and Klein’s close relationship with donors. Alex Camarda, senior policy advisor for Reinvent Albany, contends that problems arise when campaign consultants with established relationships to candidates can also lobby on behalf of other parties, including donors. “There ought to be a cooling off […]

Black Campaign School Seeks To Build Black Political Power

Quentin James was tired of the Democratic Party taking black votes for granted without investing in building black political power. So, in 2016, he started the Collective PAC to fund progressive black politicians. The following year, James, a veteran of the Obama campaign, established a boot camp — the Black Campaign School — to train those candidates. […]

This PAC is Raising $12 Million To Get Black Politicians Elected in 2020

The growing Collective PAC is turning its attention and growth strategy to get more black politicians elected at the local, state, and federal level during the 2020 election.The upstart group, founded by husband-and-wife team Quentin and Stefanie Brown James, made headlines during the November midterm elections by spending nearly $2 million on TV ads to […]