Public Advocate Special Election Field Narrows Slightly, with Ballot Challenge Decisions Looming

BOE rules for ballot access are notoriously complex and candidates are often kicked off based on technicalities, inviting legal challenges that sometimes end up in court. There are 20 candidates remaining in the race after community activist Ifeoma Ike, perennial candidate Walter Iwachiw, and Helal Sheikh, a former City Council candidate, were deemed ineligible to run. Ike made the mistake of filing her certificate of acceptance two days after the deadline and Sheikh omitted the name of the election from his paperwork. Iwachiw failed to correct deficiencies in his petition and did not submit the required 3,750 signatures required to get on the ballot.
Other candidates in the race are facing objections to their ballot petitions, which will be decided by the BOE at a hearing on Tuesday, January 29, leading to finalization of the ballot.